Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Discoveries in GW2

I found this library in-game! When I walked in (chasing deadly bad guys and getting my rear handed to me), I didn't recognize it till the dust settled. As I trotted sideways making sure the latest wave of enemies had been defeated, I murmured an awe-filled exclamation. "It's my library!"

This is the library that ArenaNet released a screenshot of prior to release, and I inserted a cropped image of  myself into because I so absolutely loved the look of the place. At the time I did not know where in the game this would be found.

Turns out this is the mansion of an alleged separatist by the way the story is going. This is the second dungeon available in the natural progression of the game, Caudecus' Manor. Human separatists oppose the Charr-Human treaty and are working to sabotage progress. Terribly embarrassing for me from a real-world perspective, but this game has done strange things to me character-wise.

Still unable to relinquish the viewpoint that Charr are our mortal enemies, so deeply ingrained in me through my hard work to become a Legendary Defender of Ascalon, I find myself still harboring true feelings of prejudice against the Charr.

My first time to walk into the Charr home territory of the Black Citadel, just a couple weeks ago, I was overcome with a terrible deadly urge to cast meteor shower and kill every charr in sight. I stood frozen on the ramp leading from the Asura Gate simply amazed at my emotions. This game must be an excellent example of story craft to so affect my personal feelings thusly. It seems quite silly when I'm not in the moment, but I tell you these feelings are amazingly strong in-game.

In other explorations the past couple of days, I noticed how scary these cave bats look with their pointy teeth and glaring eyes.

I found an homage to the old dual-man Underworld farming builds of GW1:

At first I didn't get it, but I walked a couple of steps and then burst out laughing and came back for the screenshot and to show my husband. We used to dual-man farm UW. I was his SS necro partner.

This beautiful vista, below, has a sad and untold tale near the summit.

The spirits of fallen soldiers wander in and out of the broken buildings, searching for their lost squad, their body, or for revenge.

Conversing with and following these lost spirits in their futile attempts to find rest bring a lump to the throat.

In happier news, I conquered the Hooligan's Route vista in Lion's Arch that had annoyed me for so long. I've now completed all points in LA.  And yes, I did buy tier 1 cultural armor. I didn't like the look of of the bottom half, so I transmuted my heritage armor over that part.

I love the headgear. The eyepiece is especially cool.

Now, on to more adventures!

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