Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tyrian Adventure "Vacation" Photos

My weekend "vacation" in the world of Guild Wars 2 was   a  w  e  s  o  m  e. Hearing old familiar voices on TeamSpeak again, seeing familiar names in guild chat - it's like a family reunion. Already nearly 40 strong, we are  -b a c k- and storming the castle!

Early Saturday, about 12 hours into the game, some of us met up in Lion's Arch (central hub for all races) for a group photo and a jumping puzzle.

 Pirate cave - I'm in the throne - yar har har.. It took some time to get to the end of this puzzle and a couple of us gave up before reaching the end here, but with a little help over voice chat, most of us got through.
Group photos seem to always turn into synchronized dancing sessions.
The Heritage Armor (Hall of Monuments reward) looks pretty cool. Here I dyed it green before I found a rare dye later.
No trip to Lion's Arch would be complete without a dive off the diving board.
 This is one of the little keeps in World vs. World vs. World (aka WvW).
 When I wasn't in WvW or sPvP, I went sightseeing. The interior of the Norn buildings are warm and cheerful with wood panels and fireplaces.
 This is a view of the Norn starter city.
Another view of the Norn starter city.
 The big tooth in the background is a tooth from the dragon Jornag that drove the Norn out of their homeland.
 The starter cites for every race are huge .. simply huge.
 This bridge is near the keg-brawl area. That got some serious giggles out of me, throwing beer on the ice and making people fall (and them doing the same to me).
Lion's Arch is the central hub for all races - and no visit to Lion's Arch is complete without a dive off the diving board.
 This is the dam in the Human starter area.
 Many underground areas are dark; this only looks foggy because when I clicked the screen shot, the view was fading so I missed the clear shot.
 Another view in the Human starter area; this is in the starter area just outside the city.
 Divinity's Reach is the Human starter city, and this always rotating celestial mobile is on the top level.
 Again, the map shows how large the starter city really is.
 The Great Collapse devastated this side of town (see the big hole in the map above).
 Just one of many attractive statues - that's me on the steps.

 My friend Tor and I defending Stonemist Castle in WvW; another friend is opposite.
Back in my home city of Rata Sum (the Asura starter city), I am signing off for the night, but I will be back for more Tyrian Adventures (pretty much daily)!

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