Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Alive !!!

Guild Wars 2 is live and here for our entertainment 24/7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I made five characters in quick succession to grab the names I wanted, and then went back and started re-creating to suit. My Asuran elementalist I made to be cute, with long ears and a bald head.

Right away after character creation (and re-mapping keybindings - all were erased), I headed to WvW and found we were already in charge of Stonemist Castle. I'm sure this is in great part to the Gaiscioch folks. So I gave all the guildies a heads-up on TeamSpeak and we barreled in to get our skill points and vistas while the getting was good.

After that we ran around chasing invaders and routing them out of supply camps they kept trying to take. Now three hours later, I'm going off to sleep and we still have a dozen guildies in WvW. lol  I started something. /grin

I did go and re-create my Sylvari mesmer before my sign-off tonight. I had a hard time deciding between the tree hair I had before or the leafy bob that shows off the glow so nicely, but I went with the tree hair again since I like its look overall, day or night, where the other style I only like in the dark when it glows.

I will re-create my human tomorrow and check out the Hall of Monuments with her. And now I am off to sleep. My Tyrian Vacation Adventure continues tomorrow! (and nightly for years!)

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