Friday, September 21, 2012

Ahhh - hot springs

Wow, was this ever a treat for a weary adventurer. After a couple of hours wandering in the snow-covered hills, cherry blossoms and steam appeared in a valley, hidden around a steep bend.

I've been playing my lowbie character, a Norn engineer (by the way - I really am loving this class. Even though my ele is level 45, I feel like I have to have a running buddy in order to just barely survive).

I promptly stripped and hopped in the water.

Unnoticed by me, the big guy standing there had a skill point to teach.  I was too busy breathing deep and soaking in the beauty.

Suddenly battle sounds raged and I hopped up, glad I had left my pistols equipped.

After we succeeded, I relaxed and enjoyed the view some more while the big guy cracked his neck, awaiting the next student.

Aaaaah. Nice.

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