Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some PvP Rewards in GW2

Today there was a short (one-hour) stress test of Guild Wars 2, so I decided the best way to spend the short time was in sPvP.

I jumped straight into a match. The lag from yesterday was completely gone. The first match we steamrolled and after that one I stepped out to the Heart of the Mists to show my husband the weapon and amulet vendors. After another couple of matches he showed me a cloak he got, and so then he showed me the glory vendor. I had read about the glory vendor but I'd never bothered to look for it even though I was getting lots of little purple trophies (glory) showing up mid-battle.

So when I went I was able to get the Gold Rabbit Chest for 1,000 glory points, and it had several goodies - a dagger and boots (greaves), two rabbit finishers, and a glory booster. Plus I had a couple other chests in my inventory - who knows how long I'd been carrying those around or if they were part of the Rabbit Chest (?) - that I hadn't opened and got a couple of the Tournament Tickets out of those.

The dagger, cloak and boots I went to put in my PvP Locker, and then remembered that someone said they could just be right-clicked and deposited as a collectible. There's no need to actually walk to the PvP Locker unless you need to get something out.

This is the same way the collectibles in PvE work; you just right-click to deposit from anywhere in the world. Handy. You don't have to visit the bank until you want to withdraw something.

If I remember right, out of 7 matches I was on the losing side 4 times. There was one little Asuran assassin that was a pain in the rear, but I sure did enjoy the one time he was on my team. But hey, it was a ton of fun.

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