Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainbow Phoenix

So earlier today I walked in my Hall, and everything was normal. I was showing my daughter my new armors I'd bought. Cool. Kosher. Normal. Makin' progress towards my Ghostly Hero title for Guild Wars 2.

And then tonight, after a nice evening out at the dog park letting my one-year-old pup run like a maniac to wear her out, I came back home and settled down to earn some more Medals of Honor so I can get that one last Oppressor Weapon I need in my Hall to get me said title.

I walked in, equipped the necessary bow, consulted the scrying pool, and did the quest "A Vengeance of Blades." I took my time and pulled enemies to pick off bit by bit, having learned my lesson on previous encounters in this solo quest chain, which was designed to tell a sort of prologue to Guild Wars 1 and tie it into the 250-years-in-the-future lore of Guild Wars 2.

I completed the quest, and the timer bumped me back into my Hall.  AND THERE WAS A RAINBOW PHOENIX THERE.

I shot it and my spider started attacking it. Woops. I left in a hurry.  (yes I know it will come back, and yes I should probably capture it and dedicate it and put it in my menagerie ... but gah they are just ... ugh-ly)

Anyway, it was kind of a neat surprise. I know it's still a bit of a mystery exactly what the qualifications are to get one, at least, according to the wiki.

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