Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I did it. I reached my goal. Now just to wait till the evening of the 24th to test out exactly how this reward title thing works. I imagine there will be a check box to click on so that "Ghostly Hero" shows up under my name. Hooray (!)

It seems unreal that Guild Wars 2 is almost finally here. Back in 2008, I thought it was going to be released within a year. So after two years of nothing, by 2010 I was getting a wee bit concerned. They did start giving us information, so I didn't ever lose faith entirely, but I've never gone through the long string-out of waiting for a game before.

A year ago I had pretty much lost all my excitement for it and in fact was downright annoyed at the length of time between releases of just tiny bits information.

But then they opened pre-purchase beta access this spring, and getting to play even just a few days here and there has gotten me all pumped up again. I am very much looking foward to playing the game. I do have a few quibbles with it, but nothing I can't live with (and still absolutely love the game). I'm looking forward to at least a few years' good entertainment out of that $60.00. Well spent, I say.

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