Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anticipating Guild Wars 2

For almost a year now, I have been staying away from reading any news about Guild Wars 2 with only the exception of profession reveals. I was getting too angry, too annoyed, too disappointed with the long, drawn-out torture of waiting for the new game.

Getting little bits and pieces of information trickled out to us months apart when release was not even narrowed down to happen within the next decade, well, I was fed up. I even discontinued getting text notifications of Martin Kerstein's tweets (I used to hang on his every word).

But since the official announcement in late January that GW2 will be released some time this year, I have lifted my self-inflicted restriction from the forums and articles that were previously only serving to feed my angst.

And I am now charting out race and class combos, trying to choose which profession to try first, which race, what names I want to use. Nerd Alert: I've even made a spreadsheet called GW2 Character Planning.

Undoubtedly I will have a mesmer. There is no way around that. Mesmer is my favorite PVP character class in GW1. Second, I imagine I will have to have a warrior, because raging with an axe simply made me happy in GW1 PVE.  But I don't know that either one of those will be my first choice.

I think I really want to play the Engineer. But since more than one person has thrown out the suggestion that the play style compares to the GW1 Ritualist, this would be a radical change for me. But I like all the gadgets and gizmos! Ritualists put me off with the weird dance and arm shaking while casting spirits. Plus I can't stand that color of their spirits - that pale turquoise. Blech. This could be the profession for me.

Of course, the deeper I get into reading all the speculative details on GWOnline and Guru, and  the official wiki, and all the various news articles, I am certain of just one thing: I will change my mind multiple times before the game actually releases.


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