Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SolidWorks: Still Learning

So today I got to do some official company drafting work, simple part drawings but I certainly would not have known how to sketch these up in SolidWorks six months ago. I was so excited (quietly to myself of course) when I got the first one printed. Plus it was a crazy busy day. I guess the first of June has everyone and their dog thinking about getting business done.

After getting a couple pointers from my nearest and dearest drafter type friend (my husband), I will clean them up some more tomorrow and reprint better prints for the boss.

Good day, good day.

And this evening wasn't too bad either. Got a nice fire going strong in the firepit, made s'mores with the kids. Only problem was the distractions of the city: helicopters, airplanes, neighbor's music, bright lights ... not exactly conducive to enjoying the nighttime chorus of nature. Pah. Oh well.

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