Friday, April 2, 2010

Inching Towards LDoA

Legendary Defender of Ascalon. I can almost taste it. Never thought a "grinding" title would bring me such pleasure - I am generally so anti-grind, detesting repetitious tasks. But this has been different in that most of the time is spent afk, so the repetition is only in the task of gathering the groups of Charr up to the shrine, which is less than a one-hour endeavor, and then the inconvenience of the inability to do anything else in GW during that time.

So here I am, the Guild Wars game window reduced in the background, watching the Charr kill me over and over at the rez shrine, waiting for them to level up to my level. And I am now level 18, and 38% of the way to level 19.

At that point, I will only have to do maybe 3 or 4 more death level sessions, if that, and then I will just need to run around pre-sear Ascalon and complete all the remaining quests. I have about 10,000xp worth of quests waiting for me.

Not long now. A week perhaps. Two if I spend a lot more time on helping hubby vanquish. That's been a nice break from death-leveling (and bonus- it earns me a good deal of plat towards buying my last two elite armor sets), but with the end in sight I am finding myself reluctant to pull away.

For Ascalon!

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