Monday, March 22, 2010

Death Leveling and a Video Guide

Sunday I finished a video series teaching the finer details of pulling the Charr to the rez shrine. I had noticed a lot of people posting or asking questions about how to do it, even after reading the guides. And I remember how much reading and "huh?" moments I had when I was learning.

So last year at the request of one of my guildies, I made a video, edited it for time, and posted it. However, I needed to come back and do a part two as I had only shown the first part, how to pull them to the west side of the map, and hadn't gotten to the part of gathering them all together and bringing them south past the gap between the hill and the rock wall without losing them.

So I finally decided to get the rest of the project done, and Friday I recorded a video using XFire, MTV Network's free chat software that integrates with hundreds of PC games, but then was having horrid lag in-game complete with a red ping indicator and freezing. And sure enough, when I watched the resultant video I was disappointed - the voice didn't match up with the action on the screen.

Ended up scrapping that one completely and re-recorded a new video Saturday, and at that point I decided to divide it into two shorter videos. There was a lot of time wasted in the first one that could have been better distilled, so it's just as well that I had other problems with it.

So now it's all done, and I give you my Guide to Pulling Charr for Deathleveling (intended for level 15+ characters that are working for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title in Guild Wars).

Guide to Pulling Charr for Death Leveling - Guild Wars LDoA

Once you have reached level 15 in pre-searing Guild Wars, you will notice the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title track now shows up on your character interface ("H") titles tab. But when you solo bosses, you're only getting 16xp for each kill. It's time for the dreaded deathleveling. This is the hump on which so many falter, but be assured, all it takes is time and patience, and once you learn the ropes, it's a downhill run from there. And hopefully the following videos will reduce the amount of time you spend learning the ropes.

For reaching level 15, I suggest you visit for the basic guides on reaching level 15 by having either farmed the Charr at the Gate quest or other options to level 8 or so, and then solo or team boss farming. You will also find other helpful guides on pulling Charr, plus a discussion forum for even more help.

What I most want you take from this is that it's okay if you suck at it. It does get easier each time you level up as you will get another health boost at each level, helping you survive pulls; but for getting past those hardest levels, 15 and 16, persistence is the thing that will get you your title.

The first video is a ten-minute video edited down from one hour-plus raw footage that explains the differences in the Charr groups, how to pull them and when to re-aggro, and how to get them stuck so you can save them for later when it's time to gather them all together.

The second video is less than half the length, recorded straight through, showing one pull to the lower west wall/hill and explaining my split stacking.

And the last video shows how to gather them all together for the final pulling to the rez shrine.

Of course, once you head down to the shrine little by little, dying here and there to keep them interested/aggroed and preventing them from getting all strung out in a stretched-out line, as you head to the rez shrine remember to not run out the door. While I haven't done it myself, I've come across mentions of it happening to others.

Once you have brought them in to the rez shrine area, just go to the far corner so to get the Charr tightened up as possible on the shrine area, letting them kill off the Ascalonian Guards and the Academy Monk (as pointed out in the video), and you need to kill the one Shaman you brought along (you did bring just one, right?). Don't let him stick around to level up.

Then remove all your armor (put it in your inventory - NOT on the ground or you run the risk of losing it to a disconnect!) and any health- or armor-enhancing weapons or hold items, and just let GW run all night long (approximately 8-10 hours) before you come back and kill off the highest level group - they should be your level when you kill them - higher is okay, but killing at your level for 100xp is optimal time-wise.

Remember to not use AOE or degen spells when killing the leveled-up Charr. If they die while your corpse is on the ground, you do not get the XP.

After those first 3 or 4 Charr have graciously given themselves to your purposes netting you 300 or 400xp, again leave GW running for a few more hours (it takes about one hour for the highest group to go up one level, i.e., you've killed a group of level 15s, and now you have a group of level 12s, a group of level 9s and a group of level 8s, so estimate 3 hours for those level 12s to be "ripe" at level 15) and you will have one more group ripe for slaughter. Rinse and repeat till all the Charr have leveled to your same level or thereabouts, killing each group off every few hours.

Remember, once you level up to 16, then you'll want to also let your Charr groups come up to level 16 before killing them, and same for level 17, etc.

If you are working on this title in Guild Wars, feel free to message me with questions, or post at the deathleveling discussion forum at where many other helpful players are happy to anwer questions as well.

gl and hf (good luck and have fun!)

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Celeste said...

... and FYI for those who've never heard of Guild Wars or never played it and thought it was supposed to be the zero-grind game - it still is! This is an entirely optional title that some of us choose to earn just for vanity's sake - no practical purpose to it whatsoever - it's just to say we did it. :)