Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot Drinks on a Cold Night

A few nights ago, wanting a nice hot drink - caffeine free as it was near bedtime - I came up with the idea of heating up juice. Yes, apple cider/juice has been a long-time tradition, but I didn't have any already mixed up plus the fridge already had three pitchers of other drinks!

So I thought about my usual favorite, Sleepytime tea, but I really wanted something a little sour. I'm not much of a hot chocolate fan; I have to be in the mood for that. All our other flavors of tea are caffeinated: regular Lipton, two different green teas, oh and another caffeine free one I have in the cabinet is straight mint, but the flavor is very crisp and better for summertime.

Sour, hot, sweet .... Hmmm... I have a variety pack of those fruity teas, purchased at the behest of my daughter even though I warned her they don't taste as good as they sound, and sure enough, they have been resting undisturbed in the back of the cabinet for more than a year now after her initial taste trials. Those sure weren't going to be the thing I wanted.

Sometime I drink hot Tang - yes the orange drink mix stuff. It's quite good actually. Ever drink hot liquid Jello? Same idea. That's sort of the sour hot taste I was going for.

And eventually I looked at the juices we had in the fridge, and decided the Pomegranate juice might be interesting warm. And I took a little mug and heated half a cup in the microwave for about 30 seconds till it was nice and warm, and oh it was very nice. I added a little brandy and it was great.

I like it both ways, with or without brandy. It reminds me of mulled wine. Warm, comforting and with just a nice little sourness to it.

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