Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guild Wars Special Events again

So today wraps up the Canthan New Year festival again. Our alliance sponsored three districts this year because we had soooo many supplies left over from last year's enthusiastic farmers. I helped in a few of them but have to end earlier than I used to due to my new work schedule - I work early. I have to be up about three hours earlier than I used to.

But I got to rollerbeetle race again (whee ♥) and although my scoring wasn't so great this year, it was still a lot of fun to race around as a shiny beetle. I also got a tiger mini-pet, so that was cool. I didn't get an oxen last year, but a thankful visitor to our sponsored district gave our group one and I was the only one that still needed one there, so it came to me.

I've been away from Guild Wars mostly the last few months since I started this new job. It has taken me a long time to adjust to these hours and a new sleep schedule. But I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Plus with having a laptop (got for Christmas, thanks hun!), I can go play in the living room and visit with the kids at the same time.

So I think I'm going to start working on my pre-searing mesmer again. She's my LDOA contender, and I had just gotten the hang of pulling Charr for death-leveling when I pretty much quit playing. Job-hunting stress was killing me. So now I'm feeling better about all that and am more settled in at my new job, I feel like I can think about playtime again.

Guild Wars 2 is supposed to out next year (hopefully), so I need to kick it into high gear to get some titles completed for my Hall of Monuments. The LDOA is one, plus I need to max my drunkard, lightbringer and sunspear, and then I might think about cartographer titles - might. That's a stretch. lol Vanquisher I probably won't ever touch. I got quite annoyed with Hard Mode from the beginning - it turned a group of comfortable friends into bickering nits. They kept on and completed their vanquishing within a few months, but I couldn't take the squabbling and dropped out of that project.

Oh, and after my mesmer gets her LDOA, I'm going to have to take her post-searing. I thought I would keep her in pre forever, but ya know, she's been there two years already. I think she'll be okay with leaving.

Seems really weird that I've been playing this game for four and a half years now. Nice game, good ol' Guild Wars. Yeah. That's bizarre.

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