Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh So It Has a Name

So I'm feeling a little sheepish now, for more than one reason. But some things are better left unsaid. Something I can admit that I feel silly about - for as long as I can remember I've liked heavily ornate metal and stonework, filigrees and arches, all that medieval and Victorian style stuff.

So lately I had noticed more metal work becoming common in jewelry and eyeglasses and I was really excited about some of the new eyeglasses that were on the market, and found a pair that I love, and bought them back in December.

And just the last couple of days I have learned there's a name for the new metal work jewelry, based on the fantasy fiction genre called steampunk. So I feel silly because I didn't know the name for this "new" art genre, although I've been seeing it in movies and such ... and my eyeglasses bear some semblance to the art movement. But I still love them. In fact, I may love them more now. And that makes me feel more silly.

Um .. yeah .. so ...

Now that I know a name for it I have been searching for images and designs - and have been enjoying a rich world of visual delight (and before I even spent five minutes exploring, I stopped and browsed through some reviews of the fiction and made notes of books to read). I've resized some free backgrounds and have loaded some on my Blackberry. I've been searching for a complete theme for my BB, but the one that was apparently on Crackberry at one time has disappeared into oblivion, the link dead.

I taught myself to use Plazmic (the GUI software for customizing Blackberry themes) last year and made a couple of my own themes, my favorite was the "Making Fiends" one, but I only customized screens and icon placement. I meant to go on and learn to load custom icons too, but I gave up when I could not find a pre-made icon set and dabbling in creating my own was a disaster. Now I think I must dig into this again - I am certain there are existing icon sets that would coordinate well with a steampunk theme.

But first I'm going to search a little while longer for a da Vinci or Victorian theme. Either of these would adapt nicely, and I can use any of the backgrounds that I just resized. My favorite so far is a picture from the Museum of Victorian Science. The rich colors go very nicely with my red berry.

And the programming practice will do me good, for the direction I need to go. My path is not yet clear, but I will continue .. I must continue .. finding my way.

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