Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three Cheers for Electricity

We have heavy snow on the ground with ice underneath, but this time we still have power. There was a moment of panic last night when the lights flashed twice. I thought I would wake to a cold, dark house this morning. What a relief and how happy I am to have a steaming hot cup of coffee, working central heat, humidfiers wisping happily, and a cuddly kitty cat snuggling under my arm.

Later today I plan to venture out with the boy - he wants to build a snowman - but for now we are both quite happy to lounge in our pajamas and play on our computers. I imagine this would be a great day to go sledding, too. Maybe this afternoon once everyone is awake.

Enjoy and stay safe, Tulsans! (toasting with a mug of coffee - hear hear for having power!)

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