Saturday, January 9, 2010


Okay, yes, I have not posted anything to my blog in months. Biggest reason: I got a new job, so I'm usually too wiped at the end of the day to even think about writing. Second reason: most of my computer time gets eaten up by Facebook (evil monster lol). Since I haven't been playing Guild Wars at all, except to get on and say "hi" here and there, or to accept that AWESOME gift from Revan (Thank you Thank you Thank you - guildmate of ours for years - he gave me a mini rollerbeetle - the miniature Black Beast of Arrgh), so I've been playing little Facebook games as a distraction.

Anyway, probably going to try out the upcoming Star Trek Online with hubby - we're planning on getting the pre-order so we can try it early while it's still in the beta, and if it's good, I suppose we'll play. What with my work schedule I may just be a weekend player, but we'll see. If I can spend an hour on Facebook every evening I imagine a really good game could pull me away from there.

Anyway, just sharing a word of wisdom I needed to hear last night from the cartoon series The Avatar: "Life happens where you are." - said by Uncle (General Iroh) to Prince Zuko. Embrace the moment. Don't deride the place/time/circumstances of where you are - make the most of each day.

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