Thursday, March 5, 2009

Car, Wedding, miscellanea

My car is in the shop getting a new power steering rack (oh boy). After three years of having "alignment" on my to-do list, it's finally going to be done. So I will be without a vehicle for the day. But the good news is, it's a beautiful day for walking.

Tomorrow is the wedding. I have the gifts, the card and the wrapping paper. Suppose I should get it wrapped and ready. I'm just thinking Thomas will attack the wrapping paper. Especially the ribbons. He loves ribbons - and that's a bad thing because he tries to eat them. Goofy cat doesn't know what's bad for him. After I wrap it all up I think I'll put it back in the shopping bag to protect it, and him.

But this means I will be missing BSG tomorrow night! Accccck!! Thankfully the Sci-Fi channel posts the episodes to the website for later viewing, so I don't even have to mess with trying to record it. I can watch it as soon as we get home! My brain has so many theories about the whole Cylon thing and humans and how resurrection all started and who or what Starbuck really is - I really hope these last three episodes live up to all this awesomely great suspense they've been building.

So today I'm going to try this recipe that I saw Alton Brown do on his show Good Eats. It looked wonderfully yummy. Sweet grilled pork chops. Mmmm yes.

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