Monday, March 9, 2009

Waiting for Rain

It's a slow day at work. Even with taking the car in for another look at the power steering rack (it's used, stiff, just still loosening up) and running pulls (trying to get more work) for a couple of hours it's just nada.

Thunderstorms are supposed to be coming today. Rain, please please please get here. Anyone know a rain dance? Care to join me?

Saturday we had had frozen pizza and Sunday was tacos. So dinner tonight I need to do something with the boneless pork loin roast I have thawed. Let's see. Okay, I've put it in the crock with a good dose of salt, pepper and thyme, and little bit of oil for moisture. It's so warm and humid that I really do not want to bake bread today. I think I'll just do rice or potatoes on the side.

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