Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Battlestar Galactica wild theories (spoiler alert)

Sheesh, Battlestar Galactica really has my brain working. If you haven't been following closely and plan to see it in the future, You Might Not Want to Read This. I have this theory that Starbuck is a resurrected human. The secret is that humans developed the Cylon resurrection as a way to live forever, and that Cylons aren't exactly Cylon after all, but are actually "grown" human clones that, using the resurrection technology, share memories via a biological database - the brain - that humans figured out how to download and save memories, and to transplant those memories into their cloned bodies. In fact, I believe Starbuck was the first one, her dad made the technology, and the music holds the key to how to build more, thus explaining why he taught her this song.

I could go really far off in left field and say the Music is a part of the Music of the Ainur, and one of the Valar came and taught the humans, but that's a totally different universe anyway, plus I'd really be showing my Tolkien geek status. I could be a movie geek instead and mention Close Encounters of the Third Kind with music being the universal language.

But isn't it always about the music? Interesting how that gets interpolated into so many sci-fi concepts. Patterns = music. DNA = patterns = music. Even atomic structure. Even science fact struggles to explain it. To understand it. To really comprehend. But there's just too much information for us to digest.

I'm planning country style pork ribs for tomorrow, started early in the morning, slow cooked for a few hours, and then given a cooling period to gel the flavors and texture, and then warmed for dinner. I would have done it today but we are one kid short so I'm cooking the other one's favorite dinner, sloppy joes. I think I'll even make homemade buns. Yum.

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