Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thinkin' PvP

Getting pumped to play RAs and TAs again. Talk has come up of scrambling a GvG team, and so I've been puttering around checking stuff out. Gets my adrenaline going that's for sure.

Had beef stroganoff last night, well, not "real" stroganoff, but what the Philadelphia cream cheese cookbook calls "Simple Supper." I used half cream cheese and half sour cream as I didn't want to use all up my cream cheese - I love bagels for breakfast.

Tonight I'm cooking chicken lo mein: chicken breasts sliced and cooked with a frozen pack of lo mein noodles and vegetables.

I've set pork chops in the fridge to thaw for Friday. The kids have a four-day weekend so things will get very busy around here.

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