Friday, February 13, 2009

The Octo-kids Bleak Future

As would be expected, the Octo-mom topic is still hot at the parenting forum. Someone brought up a good point that although it seems a lot of people are focusing on disliking her and not wanting her to get money or be helped by companies, that the children will nonetheless very much need all the help they can get. This is very true. I have nothing against them getting money and assistance. I just think the mother and doctors should be criminally charged and the children adopted to two-parent families. Creating such a situation thoughtlessly set up these innocents for premeditated neglect. It was simply criminal.

However, I know the children cannot be forcibly adopted out (unless and until something horrible happens in the way of neglect or death of one or more of the babies to the point that the state would have to intervene), so in the meantime, they need money for nannies and other necessities. I pray that the grandfather is a man with very strong backbone (doubting this considering his unbalanced spawn) and/or that there are uncles or other close male family members that can provide a daily presence - those kids need a good male role model desperately.

I want, for all of society's sake, people to raise their children to:

1. Respect authority properly (identifying the proper placement of authority, using manners, giving respect to whom respect is due, not given to loud empty threats, with both male and female role models in their daily lives, I could go on for hours - so I'll stop) and to

2. Understand the dynamics of positive lifelong male-female relationships (through all the ups and downs, ins and outs, the concept that you stick together and don't abandon ship at the first splash of water brings importance and sweetness and value to spousal bonds and teaches patience, tolerance, reduces self-centeredness, so much more)

By seeing those two practices demonstrated by those around them, children thereby learn to respect themselves and others and grow into responsible, respectable, contributing members of society. I expect all other parents to raise their children with those same goals in mind. Those who do not are doing all of us a disservice.

And so Octo-mom and her complicit doctors, in a scenario akin to a puppy mill played out in human lives, have spawned 14 potential disasters - children who could have potentially turned out to be positive contributors to society, given the right tools and examples in life (like a present father), but who will more likely learn only their horrid twisted version of the world: that the world is out to get them, that males are useless for anything but violence, and that love+stamina is non-existent, driven only by animalistic survival and fleeting self-centered desires.

And yes, pork chops are still on for tonight.

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