Friday, February 20, 2009

Phone; and Far-reaching Repercussions

You know what I am craving? That pull-apart bread, not the sweet one, but the buttery one with tons of seeds - sesame and poppy seeds, and cracked pepper. Mmmm.... I think I must make that today. I'm cooking boneless pork sirloin in the crock pot in a creamy sauce. Well, I haven't actually started it yet, but will at lunchtime.

And speaking of lunch, I saved the liver out of the chicken last night so I can have my own little custom fried lunch. I do that since no one else likes liver.

So the Blackberry theme, well I found one for my OS that is chockful of text-icon goodness. It's a great concept to start, but it's not perfect. It doesn't come in any other color and the one it comes in (purple) really looks bad with my phones color (burgundy), and the lock screen and incoming call screen are reminscent of 80's sci-fi-ish graphics. I do love the buttons' graphics, though. If I could just have those in a different color, and have a sidebar home screen, and some other graphic (or customizable graphics) for the incoming calls and lock screen, I'd be thrilled. But it only cost $2.00 so I'm not really complaining. I might just email the developer and see if they have more in the works, or actually I think I will poke around the forums and see if anyone out there knows of another text-based theme.

And now for one completely out-of-the-blue observation: why do some people at businesses act like giving their name is a matter of breaching national security? I really do not get that. What? Are they afraid of getting called? Getting mail? Um. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. It's a business. You do get mail all the time, right? Are you afraid to have your name associated with the business you work for? I really wonder when I am talking to some people. And maybe it's totally gender-prejudiced, but I have yet to speak to a male that would not give his name, but it's always females if they are going to refuse or be evasive about giving their name. Weird. Maybe they are afraid of business stalkers. lol

Oh ... wait ... Oh my gosh ... I know exactly what it is. It's the gossip-tainted females. Those who live in that world of "she said blah blah blah" accusations and mistruths and exaggerations, all. Those that carry tales; and those that listen to tale-bearers. They don't want to give their name because they are psychologically afraid of it being used against them, even in business. Wow. That's deep. And disturbing. They've had their self-esteem, their confidence shattered so completely, destroyed so utterly, that they cannot even claim personal responsibility for a simple phone call or fax in their job.

Or I'm completely reaching (but I really don't think so - I think I've really hit on something here).

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