Monday, February 23, 2009

I hab da colb

Waah. I hab da colb. Translation: "I have a cold." I sound funny and my nose is dripping like a faucet.

So I really just want lots and lots of chicken soup. And maybe a roasted onion. Ooo that does sound good. Yesterday on what's his name's show, Anthony Bourdain?, on the food network, he was having fire roasted onions with wine in Spain. Drool.

But I will make something else for the family. Don't know what yet. Oh, forgot to mention Saturday's meal was red beans and rice. That's been a family favorite for eons. I made just a half batch of the Senora Chicken (think cheesy chicken enchilada casserole) yesterday to cut down on leftovers. Although everyone here loves it, the full recipe really makes way too much.

I played some HA yesterday in GW. That's a special PvP arena. Guess I should translate all that too - HA is Heroes Ascent. GW is Guild Wars. PvP is Player vs. Player - you fight against other players; in GW there are various arenas with various team sizes. HA is 8 vs. 8. For the first time I made it to The Courtyard, the sixth of nine hierarchical battlegrounds. I'm still an HA noob, but going with the strategy of playing monk (sort of a healer), it makes it a bit easier to get accepted into a team. I played with mostly the same team for a couple of hours, well five of us stayed together and our other three spots kept dropping, but the party leader was very fast and organized about bringing in replacements to fill the empty spots. That's the key to playing HA - be the party leader, know exactly what you want, kick whoever doesn't comply, and compliment where due. I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Okay that's all I can pry out of my cold-addled brain for now. Lunchtime. Must have soup.

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