Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honor in Competitive Gaming

So I had my chicken soup and the family had fish sticks. Easy no-brainer meal. I seem to be losing my voice today. Fun. Oh well, I'll be better in a few days. No biggie.

Last night I got really ticked on GW. I was watching some Guild vs. Guild (GvG) battles and saw some dishonorable behavior, guilds throwing matches to other guilds. I went and ranted on the Guru forums about it but basically got a few shrugs - while it's looked down on, there's no repercussion mechanic in place. Apparently it's common among some players who use it as a means to earn points. Disgusting.

Oh well. I'm not going to let it ruin my day, although I despise those who play with no consideration for honor. Although I have an idea to compile and publish a list of dishonorable player names that I observe. Kind of a Wall of Shame ...

What with the RA sync'ers (players that synchronize their entry into what is supposed to be a Random match) and us trying to prepare for GvGs again, I'm thinking Team Arenas is the place to go for now, and I'm going to pay closer attention to the team build - not completely dictate it, but ensure it's complete.

Tonight's dinner will be chicken something. I have chicken breast thawing. Fajitas would be nice. I need to see if I have everything I need for it. I need to run to the grocer anyway for other stuff.

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