Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Cell Phone

Last night we got take out from Sonic, yum, because it took the whole evening to get new cell phones. This Blackberry is a puzzle and a half. I've been wanting a PDA phone for a few years but couldn't justify it when I still had a working Palm Pilot, but once that went kaput I said I would get a PDA phone next time I needed a new phone, as it would be silly to buy a PDA that was not a phone (for the same cost as a phone) and carry two devices around all the time. But my silly phone kept working quite fine for a very long time. Tough old bird she was. But when the speakerphone started giving me trouble a few months ago I finally decided I was okay with giving up on her.

So I began looking around at the options. And I thought I would want the Palm phone -that was about what I had decided when I shopped around online. But when I went to the store and saw and held the Palm compared to the Blackberry, I just wanted the Blackberry. It came in a deep burgundy red. How could I resist?

But of course, now that I've been tinkering around with it for a bit, I'm not sure if I'm going to get used to it or trade it for a Palm. Hubby got the Palm, so I plan to play with it this weekend and really make up my mind. I'm jealous of the stylus. I miss the little stylus. It's just fun.

Okay, so and yeah, it has hot buttons for the calendar and such that I don't get with the Blackberry. Ugh. This is a Curve, 8330. I'm going to search for different themes to see if I can set up the interface differently. It's so icon-dependent. I like text (that's obvious by all my wordiness here, right?). There is one text theme preloaded, but it only listed four options when I tried it yesterday. Maybe with some more experimentation ... At least I figured out how to change the calendar view from daily to weekly to monthly. And got my pop3 email configured. All the setup I want to do isn't near done yet, and half of what I want to do, I don't know if it can do anyway. I have ideas about using it for some occasional remote work when I'm away from the office. I was able to receive and view a fax. But I am going to have to work on my server configurations some more to get it to all dance nicely together. So we'll see.

So tonight I fixed chicken and rice soup (chicken, onions, carrots, rice, salt, pepper, thyme) with biscuits. I needed to cook and debone some chicken meat for Senora Chicken that I'm planning for Sunday, so what better way than to boil a whole chicken and use some meat in the broth for soup, and save the rest for another day? And the kids really devour it, so that's a bonus.

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