Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanting off Work! (to RACE!)

Rollerbeetle races have started! Aigh! I'm raring to go. Have to finish up some work first though, and do dishes, and start dinner, and make sure the kids have their laundry sorted, and start some laundry, and and and and and /cry ... It's gonna be 8pm before I can start racing I'm afraid.

Might as well resign myself to it, right?

So the bratwurst was awesome - amazing stuff. So fresh and wonderful. It exploded out the ends quite a bit even though I had pierced the skins all over. But it still turned out wonderful. And the jumbo franks were huge, and the kids liked them (I was surprised). I was afraid they'd be put off by them not being your basic cheap supermarket hotdog. But they ate them right up with no complaints.

Anyway, tonight I've decided I want to do something with ground beef since I have quite a bit up there needing use, but all that comes to mind is spaghetti and meatballs. So unless some inspiration hits me from above or something, I guess it's gonna be spaghetti tonight. Not my favorite at all, but it's a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

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