Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still Behind

Hadn't been on Facebook all week and found I was overloaded with notifications and requests, plus with all the recent influx of fellow high school alumni I am seeing a million new people on others' friend lists that I want to add. Aigh. No time to catch up now. Will have to get back to it some other day.

As for that chicken and dumplings yesterday, that was the toughest chicken I've ever had. Even when I was deboning it to place back in the broth, the dark pieces that should have been tender were tough. And it was tiny. I'm thinking the butcher shop isn't going to be the place I buy my poultry. Tonight it's bratwurst and franks. This should be good since all their pork has been great. With the snow/sleet/ice mix melting off, I still won't be firing up the grill, but will make do indoors. I simmer the brats in beer anyway before I usually transfer them to the grill, so I can just finish them in the skillet with the onions. When the liquid is much reduced, they brown up fine in the pan.

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