Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Upcoming Guild Wars weekend event

The GWO Alliance that our guild is a member of is hosting two districts 'round the clock for the Canthan New Year finale. For this event, Guild Wars has chef NPCs who want various items to "cook" dishes as an offering to the celestial New Year animal, this time of course being the Ox, akin to the Chinese zodiac.

A lot of items were donated by folks who had them in storage from last year, but there were still a few items lacking. So some of us have been farming for (or as I prefer to say - hunting and gathering) all the items and now have them all collected, enough to host 18 of the interval events on February 1. It's funny to be "grocery shopping" for a Guild Wars special event.

Those country ribs were great last night. Very meaty, with a nice blend of fat, on thick bones. Great stuff. That was another one of the cuts out of that "2 for a week" freezer pack from Conrows.

The chicken pieces from that same pack are thawing now. It's one chicken, cut up. Hmm. Maybe chicken and dumplings I guess? Or I could oven-bake it. Or fry. No, not fried - we just had chicken fried steak the other day and still have pork chops in the freezer too, which don't lend themselves to much else (bone-in pork chops are so perfect fried, it's almost wasteful to cook them any other way). I love potatoes and gravy, but it does get old. I don't like to make it more than about once every couple of weeks to keep from getting bored with it.

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