Monday, February 2, 2009

Six months until Rollerbeetles, again

I beat my high score - now my best is 467k. The top 100 leaderboard finished ranging 475k-480k. I think I will never get a mini-Zippy. Oh well. I just love the shiny-ness and the speed of the race, hugging the turns, zooming around. And the /dance emote, of course.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the next rank on my Gamer Title, but I have less than 450 points to go. I just couldn't stay awake any longer knowing I would have to be working today. So back to other things in Guild Wars tonight.
Over the weekend, I met up with an old friend from TOG; he gave me a spider mini-pet. Sweet guy - he is always giving stuff away to lots of different people. I wanted to pay him but he reminded me of the things I gave him when he first started playing, and so I accepted. And our new alliance (GWO) hosted two districts for the festivities, so I was there a few times for that, helping give the chefs the needed items so everyone there could get fireworks and goodies. I could have raced more and would have been able to get my r4 title, but I was trying to be reasonable with my time. Well, at least as much as I could resist. I just have to keep in mind that my shiny beetle will be back in six months for the Dragon Festival.

Saturday we had Swiss steak - I love that recipe from my Fannie Farmer cookbook and cook it in the lidded cast iron skillet that my father-in-law passed on to me - it's deep and almost as big as a Dutch oven - but this time I used too thick of a cut of meat. Need to make a reminder note in the margin.

Chicken fajitas were on the menu Sunday night. I use Allegro marinade; the original flavor is perfect for both chicken and beef fajitas.

Tonight - beef pot pie. What a delicious way to use up leftover pot roast.

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