Friday, January 2, 2009

That was nice - really!

Well today the plan is pizza - take-out pizza from Mazzio's to be precise. So it's junk food complete with chips, dip, pop and cookies for us and guests. Our daughter is having a last hurrah before school starts again next week and is having friends over to celebrate.

She says it's kind of a winter party. I said it's an Eighth Day of Christmas party - just to be geeky; I like to be weird that way. It's fun to throw other people for a loop and make them look at you sideways like "are you serious?"

I got taken aback myself today by someone's unusual behavior, but it was a good thing. He was being so helpful; he voluntarily gave his name, the name of the person I needed to contact, their fax number, the fact they were out till Monday, and stated he would help me in any way possible. And this wasn't said in some robotic customer service voice like he was required to do so by his employer - he was genuinely warm and friendly. All this without being asked but one question. Most of the time it's like pulling teeth to get this stuff from people, or even when they are quite used to the routine, they rudely rush through providing the bare minimum of the necessary details and cut you off mid-sentence when you're just trying to phrase a polite question.

Wow. That guy was really nice. I feel like my Animal Crossing character using her "glee" emote for that one - where my little character gets a happy smile, eyes closed, holds her hands together and whistles ... will have to post a photo when I pull them off the SD card. (several days later, here's the photo - this is my character in her upstairs room that I called the Spa Room. Yes I'm red-headed, wearing a skull shirt and have bandages on my face but like to wear a pansy in my hair - you gots a problem wi' dat? lol)

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