Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and what-not

Happy New Year! It's 2009. Strangely, many years ago as a young teen daydreaming of what my grown-up life would be like, I did imagine that I would be married with kids by this time (even though as a teen I also imagined I would never want kids as I couldn't stand the crying stinky babies in the church nursery and couldn't understand what on earth my best friend Jodie liked about them); I just figured my kids in 2009 would be a little younger, like they'd just be starting kindergarten about this time. I'm very happy that I was a little off. Life is good.

So I've had a new idea, inspired in part by the SAHP parenting forums where frequently we will post "What's For Dinner" threads, and in other part by how I used to try to plan meals on a spreadsheet but found it too constrictive - I now plan to post daily what we are having for dinner. And that way, even if I have nothing else to write about, I can at least post what I'm cooking for dinner.

So today's meal is:
Onion Soup (Fannie Farmer 12th ed. recipe)
French Dip sandwiches (Fleischmanns' Italian bread recipe cut into 8 mini-loaves, and some leftover roast beef)
Black-eyed peas, simply done with just salt and pepper
Salad (yep, just plain ol' iceberg lettuce with shaved carrots)

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