Friday, January 9, 2009

Reminder: Nice People are Everywhere

I talked to a nice lady in California yesterday, similar to the guy I talked to a few days ago (post That Was Nice - Really!). She offered me information without being prodded, including a fax number and contact details.

In the previous post, I didn't mention that the nice man was in Alabama as I didn't want to discount his niceness to being a stereotypical southern gentleman, but when I reached this amazingly helpful receptionist in California, I have to admit I was surprised. It is good to be reminded from time to time that there are nice people scattered all around the world; the south doesn't have a monopoly on manners.

The old tendon injury of '03 is achey today, enough that it called for pulling out the Icy Hot. Phew. Smelly. The only reason I know it was 2003 is that I just happened across the date in some history that the managers are transferring from the old MSN SAHP group to the new forum.

Dinner: Haddock, oven roasted with lemon juice and butter sauce (a Fannie Farmer recipe), quick pan rolls (my standard from Fleischmann's), mac and cheese and a frozen veggie mix.

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