Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just a Gaming Weekend

This weekend is a bonus weekend in Guild Wars. Extra points for Arena battles. I went in Friday and Saturday but haven't had much luck. There seem to be a lot of overly independent players coming out of the woodwork. Well, that does happen every time there's a bonus weekend; I shouldn't be surprised. It's just so very hard to resist saying something when you see a warrior casting Empathy and three other Mesmer spells, or a ranger packing Word of Healing and Rebirth in Random Arenas. But I was good and just killed her and went on without razzing her. There's not much point in razzing people anyway, except for fueling one's own superiority complex. Sure, I'm egocentric - that's obvious - but I do try not to be a complete ass.

I thought I would go back in last night and play some more, but after cooking dinner and sitting on the couch with the kids and taking turns playing the new Animal Crossing game for the Wii, City Folk, I was just too tired to muster up the interest. Hubby and I snuggled and watched a couple Dr. Who episodes we hadn't seen instead - the two with The Library.

Yesterday we had turkey pot pie. Used up the last leftover Thanksgiving turkey I had in the freezer. I'm having some leftover for lunch today. I do love homemade pot pie.

Today I've thawed a pork roast. I think it's too soon after the Cajun pork roast the other day to do that recipe again, so I will probably go with a basic salt/pepper/thyme treatment and just use the crockpot. Keep it simple today.

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