Monday, January 12, 2009

Mouthwash; and Trying a Local Butcher Shop

So I heard a strange news item on the radio this morning. Australian experts are saying that mouthwash leads to oral cancer? Due to the tongue-in-cheek nature of the article's title, I'm skeptical, but the article itself seems fully serious. The title seems to be making fun of the advertisement picture.

Not so long ago, I started diluting my mouthwash with peroxide after I noticed it was the primary other ingredient on Listerine's new "whitening" mouthwash. I've tried peroxide before but the foam was awful, and I've used Listerine here and there but always have trouble getting past the pain, so when I tried a half-n-half mix, I was happy to discover that it cut the peroxide foaminess down and it cut out the antiseptic pain, so I thought I had found a win-win solution.

But if more comes of this cancer thing, I may have to stop. Hmm. Oh well, not until I hear more. I believe most anything in moderation can be perfectly okay, whereas overdoing or overusing anything leads to problems. Once a day should be fine, right? Besides, having diluted it, I've made it safer already. Yeah. I'll go with that.

Today I decided to try a local meat market, as I have noticed a few in passing when doing other things around town, plus I'm a little bored with the selection at Reasors - their pre-cut meat that isn't already commercially packed in marinade (ew) is mostly lean cuts that I avoid. I dig around in their offerings looking for the fattest piece, but it's hard to find, and I don't like to be bothered going to the counter to ask for a ton of special requests.

Meat needs some fat on it. I like flavor and moisture. There isn't a thing wrong with having fat on your meat as long as you eat a reasonable portion. I don't understand why people torment themselves with horrible fat-free food. Keep your portion small and you can eat whatever you love - mmm greasy fatty pork, dripping beef, thick juicy meat. Oh yeah. Good stuff. You just gotta know when to stop.

Anyway, I had started shopping for meat at Reasor's a few months ago when, at Warehouse Market, I found the meat coolers had been off so long the meat felt warm to the touch (and over the past couple years I had become wary of buying frozen foods there, as on more than one occasion, I unknowingly purchased desserts and entrees that had thawed and refrozen!). Warehouse Market carried the nice fatty cuts of beef and pork, and also had the chicken breast that was not supplemented with salt and water, and so I kept hanging in there buying meat because they carried what I liked, but the warm meat was just the last straw there.

It's one thing if your coolers break down and you throw out your inventory when it reaches a certain temperature, but it's just unconscionable to keep the warmed-up meat in the coolers as if nothing happened, selling it to unsuspecting customers later that night.

So I looked up butcher shops via google, looked over reviews and nearby locations, and then drove to the closest one, Conrow's, and woops - found it's closed on Mondays. I had noticed the same schedule on one of the others I was thinking about trying (their schedule was online, but not this shop), so I just went to Reasor's instead for now.

So tonight I'll either do something with the roast I picked up, or the ground beef. I also grabbed a bag of frozen chicken breast, but since I have to divide all the beef anyway, I'll start with that. Oh, look, it's almost 60ºF already - let's make it burgers tonight with fried potatoes and baked beans. And there's some good beer in the fridge too that would go nicely with it that's just been looking for a meal to match. I feel a burp comin' on already. Save the cold-weather recipes for the colder days that are coming.

Next time I go grocery shopping I will stop by the butcher shop again.

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