Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BSG Final Season!

Aaaaaaaaah!!!! Battlestar Galactica is back Friday!!!! This is the final season. I don't know whether to cry or squeal. I'm excited and worried at the same time. A little part of me is afraid it might suck, like Season 3, but since Season 4 was a big improvement, I'm leaning towards the hope that it will be good. The anticipation of getting more of the story is killing me with suspense! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (but why do they have to call it Season 4.5? I hate gimmicks)

By the way, I have been greatly enjoying my new wide-screen monitor I got for Christmas. I can move my documents around and still read both of them entirely. It's so nice to be able to drag a window to the side and still be able to see the fax number or whatever on the other page as I make sure I've typed it correctly, instead of alt-tabbing back and forth 5 times checking for errors. The 1440 x 900 resolution rocks. And I have so much more desk room, this being my first LCD screen. Not to mention how much easier it makes to see what's going on around me in Guild Wars - it sure helps in PvP. I love my new monitor. Really, I do!

Heh. Neal's so funny. I like his sarcastic way he just* made fun of the caller moaning about child support. He makes me laugh. I guess that's why I like to listen to him. Yeah, anyway, guys, don't stick it in if you don't wanna pay. Duh. Kids are expensive whether you live with them or not.

Last night I realized that's the reason I like my neighbor Sterling in Animal Crossing so much. He makes me laugh. He's one I have to talk to every time I see him because he always says something air-headed.

Roast beef tonight. Shall it be the standard pot roast with piles of mashed potatoes and gravy, or something different? Boy, thick buttery potatoes drenched in gravy sure sounds good to me.

*That is, at the moment of writing - in order to minimize the number of post-edits I make (terrible habit of mine), I now keep my blog open for a few hours and add a bit here and there until I've decided my thoughts are semi-complete for the day.

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