Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Epic Saga of the Taco Wars

Just posting a creation of my daughters.


("Series 2, I lost the 1st one")

Panel 1 "The wars have been raging for many years now, the tacos vs. the burritos and the beans vs. the enchiladas."
Panel 2 "The tacos and the beans teamed up to beat the burritos and enchiladas."

Panel 3 "But many years before, the tacos and all the others lived in peace." (singing Ebony and Ivory)

Panel 4 "But that was long ago... The burritos became 'better' and EVIL!"

Panel 5 "They waged this war and this is the story..."

Panel 6 "Now... (tank) loaded with hot sauce."

Panel 7 "King Taco (in the) Taco Base"
Panel 8 Bombarded
Panel 9 "King Taco!"

"Is he dead?" (cry)

She originally had written up five or six pages a couple of months ago, but they've been lost, so she agreed (upon my request :) ) to draw up the series again; this is just a tiny (and quick - she drew it up in 10 minutes) introduction on the story she had previously drawn up. Hopefully more will come soon!

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