Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Nature of Blogging

Blogs are such funny things. Disparate. Inconsequential. Philosophical. World-influencing. Tangential. From obscure to 'famous.' As fleeting and diverse as any human interaction, the world now proliferates with these electronic journals, where once a journal only lived in one's desk, or bedside table, thoughts or notes only to be viewed by perhaps one or two relatives after one's death.

Now we write and publish some of our most personal thoughts that we once did not share, either as too mundane to bother, or too private to risk revelation.

Of course, many of us still keep private journals, either in the traditional manner of pen and paper, or in private documents on our own computers, for no one else to view. I had such a private record for the past two or three years, but in a spit of emotion a few weeks ago I deleted it all.

Seems strange that more than two years of thoughts could disappear with the press of a couple of buttons, delete > empty > yes.

But perhaps it is just as well. There are some thoughts that should remain inside one's own head, never to be shared, especially in writing.

"Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back with the swiftest horse." - Chinese proverb

The nicest thing about writing is that you have some time to reconsider your words and "chase them back," as long as no one has actually seen them yet. One has time to consider one's words, to evaluate the stampede beforehand. I suppose this is why I find I am much more long-winded in written communications than in person.

Backspace, delete and ctrl-x are just about my favorite keys, as an eraser was once my second favorite writing tool.

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