Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back to Business

We're back - the vacation was great, we all had fun. It wasn't as scary as I feared. The kids hardly rode any rides and by the 2nd day I was ready to ride a roller coaster, but I sure wasn't going to leave our son to sit alone while 3 of us rode, and then our daughter backed out, but then hubby and I felt guilty and wouldn't ride leaving them waiting for us. But we didn't fret over it. All in all we had a whole lot of fun, didn't spend too much money, and didn't have any wrecks or breakdowns (well, now the alternator is acting up, but it waited a whole four days after we got back before it did, so that's good in a way).

My Sahara-dry wit has bit me back. We watched "Click" with Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken Sunday night, and it had me bawling. How can I be such a sucker for bawling over movies and still be so cold about life in general? Maybe I cry because I mourn my own disconnection from life.

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