Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Painful Past

We worked on setting up the area for the pool today. I actually bought a line level this time, and we dug out the back edge, so I think this year it won't lean at such a severe and scary angle as it did last year.

I'm just relaxing enjoying a cold beer at the moment. Grilled some burgers, kicked back with the kids a bit, then hit the forums (sheesh didn't know gamers could get as dramatic as the women's groups I've been on), and then my nephew came on and so I've been hanging out with him in-game. I put the kids in bed and he's still afk atm so I thought I'd take the time to journal. It's been a nice relaxing night.

I had an awkward internet reunion earlier this week that brought back a flood of memories from my late teens; we share some painful memories of our many mistakes we made back then but we did not speak of them. Having put twenty years behind the wounds, still the scars of regret sting, although we have matured enough to know better than to speak of them directly with each other. My personal pain is more one of sorrow for my own past folly and thoughtlessness of others' feelings as I careened recklessly through my wild years.

That was quite an experience to deal with. I suppose I will have more such instances again through my lifetime, but that was a first, and it actually went much better than I expected. Life's path is a strange beast.

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