Thursday, November 8, 2012

Level 80 - and so much still to do

I made it to level 80. I was rezzing an NPC near Fort Trinity.

The night of my level 80 attainment, we were involved in the big dynamic event chain under that same lava mountain of recent travels. We went back to the area because it held the one Point of Interest on the entire map I had missed.

We went on to Fort Trinity to continue our personal storylines, and when I was wandering around in the forest outside, I leveled up. Hubby crafted me new armor and jewelry to celebrate my max level status. I am still using the skin (transmuted) for the tier 1 Asura cultural armor helm because I can't afford the tier 3 yet. I love the look of the tier 1 and the tier 3, but not the tier 2.

Here I was fooling around on my thief character and discovered to my delight that this area (the skritt populated caverns where they are misguidedly collecting stuff for the chaos creature) has had a little update - the chaos gunk on the ground turns your character into a bunny - and not just a cute little bunny, but more like a vicious Monty Python-esqe bunny that can really fight!

Now THIS is how I envisioned what a GW1 bunny should do if it ever were a charmable pet: BITE. Look at that bunny! Fear the teeth!

(I mean, come on, Grasping Ghouls had "Nibble"!)

So now that we both have a level 80 character, next we've decided to explore the level 60-70 area where the Kodan are. We had never even been near that area, and that will give us plenty to explore, not to mention all the other areas of the map we have yet to complete, and we'll save the harder stuff around Fort Trinity for the weekends when we have larger chunks of time to spend with our guildmates.

Oh, and this? Yes, that's me, on my Sylvari mesmer (hubby's ranger is with me) - at the top of that vista that I swore I'd never attempt. I did it.

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