Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost There (Drafting)

I am on schedule with my plan to complete The Book* before I test for Certified SolidWorks Associate. I was actually ahead of schedule but then I got an assignment to actually draw something for a customer (!), so of course I set aside my book for that!

The practice test is next on my plan. I may skip the rest of the book and move on to the test if I can do the practice test in the recommended time, but first I need to complete my live assignment. I am honored but concerned. I need someone with experience to critique my work.

I did get some constructive criticism from an interview recently - very helpful, in fact - so I do know of a few specific things I can do to improve my drafting standards.

*Did I mention how error-filled that book is? Horrible grammar, misuse of tense on every other page, often multiple errors on a single page; however, it is good for step-by-step instructions and works okay for learning how to use SolidWorks if you can ignore the grammar problems.

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