Sunday, March 11, 2012


We got rain. Not the steady, heavy, pouring rain that I really want, but one good solid day of heavy mist. That's better for soaking in to the ground than heavy pouring rain, so I'll not complain.

I am wrestling with a dilemma with young relatives. Don't we all do that at times? Do I confront them about their severing ties with me or do I just ignore it (or make a passive/aggressive blog post about it)? I extended an inquiry to the first of them that rudely cut me off, but she did not respond. I waited a week and then canceled the request when her sister snubbed me also.

I am tending towards just ignoring it. I've held a poor opinion of them for many years anyway when they repeatedly displayed lack of gratitude for gifts when they were yet minors, but blamed it on their parentage. I just had hope that after they were adults and got away from their upbringing that they might see the error of their ways.

My hope waned when the first married and never sent a thank you for her gift, not even via phone call or email. But I certainly know the 20's were not my gracious period by any stretch of the imagination, so had thought to begrudge her for awhile as her sister would at least make some efforts at being polite.

But now it seems the poison has seeped along the family tree, instead of being improved with age and wisdom. I had thought to suspend my skepticism until they reached their 40's. Perhaps then I will once again extend the offer. Perhaps.

But now I think if they cannot reconcile their minds with the words of fanaticism that have been whispered in their ears by then, well, then ... then I will suppose they will be beyond reach.

I just remember that the bigotry that was exemplified to me when I was child caused me instead to go the opposite way, to rebel in the direction of being tolerant and open-minded, and I supposed (wrongly) that others who are brought up in a zealous household would also rebel as I did.

But now I see this is not always so. Another bit of wisdom I have gained with age.

So only time will tell if their minds will expand, or just continue to shrink. And I strongly doubt that I will ever inquire in person, to their face, to ask for an explanation. Their lack of faith in humanity troubles me, but I don't know that I have the desire to teach them. I doubt they would ever be receptive; I seem to have as great a lack of faith in them as they do in me.

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