Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Drafting

In an effort to balance my leisure reading and my educational efforts in drafting, I split my Friday up a bit and did a little bit of each both morning and afternoon. Marcus' Meditations are good (mostly practical philosophy but occasionally peppered with superstition common to his day), but the dry moral reading benefits from frequent breaks.

So I pulled out the SolidWorks textbook. I'm on section 5, second-to-the-last section. This one I had put off for a few weeks during the holiday season, especially right after I got my Kindle. But I delved in with ease.

Upon following the instructions to draw two circles, one large and then one small, on two different planes, I wasn't quite sure where this was going. And the "pierce" command was a new one. It snapped the two circles together like so:

Following the next instruction, to insert a sweep, brought on another of those "aha!" moments, and it suddenly all made perfect sense.

I could do this with any profile now. Sketch a path, establish the profile ... What sounded like a foreign language when simply reading the text is now readily apparent since I actually used the software.

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