Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dog Update, and SMH

We choose a new vet based on a couple of recommendations from people we know, when we got our puppy, and I liked the new vet, so I took Lucky in last Friday. This vet immediately said the odor was typical of yeast. He recommended with wash her first with dish-washing liquid such as Dawn to get rid of the thick nasty stuff in her fur, and then wash her with prescription shampoo that he provided.

Friday night I got in the shower with her (in my lawn-work clothes) and scrubbed her down. The difference was amazing immediately. She's a different color - the right color. And last night (Tuesday) I treated her again with the medicated shampoo. I am so impressed. And she is wagging her tail and energetic again. He also prescribed antibiotics, an oral yeast treatment, plus ear ointment for yeast. She has a follow-up in two weeks.

Should have sought a second opinion a long time ago.

Anyway, on another note, I do a bit of reading during the day at work when it's slow. I like to read news mostly. I used to read MSN news sites, but the frequency of grammar and spelling errors drove me batty. I switched to CNN because the spelling is noticeably better.

Look, I know I make my own share of errors here, and if I catch them, even when reading months later, I like to fix my mistakes. I don't expect much from blogs. We don't have editors to review our work.

But on news sites and even in scientific work, I have found spelling and grammar errors. I suppose that it is endemic to the age of the internet. We have increased the speed wherewith news can make it to the end user, and it seems to me that with this ease of getting news to the masses, the quantity of news published has also increased. And with greater quantity, quality suffers.

Either editors are overwhelmed, or no one is actually editing stories.

CNN usually has high quality, error-free news, but we are all human and something will slip through occasionally. Here's a find from yesterday's news at CNN:

Aigh! The little old librarian with the grey bun in me is shaking her head.

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