Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Riding across the landscape online. Certainly not as good as real life, but the sounds of the horse galloping and the sights of stone and stars and trees, well, it is relaxing.

The suicide of a second member of my extended family has had me in stunned mode for a week now. My brain has a strange numb feeling all through the entire back half of my head. My heart has been tight and heavy in my chest. My eyes burn. Sleep does not linger long enough.

I will not detail the event here. I will only say: please don't leave without a word.

I blare the music in my car to drown out the pain, an attempt to drum the beat back into my heart.

"A little piece of paper with a picture drawn
Floats on down the street till the wind is gone
And the memory now is like the picture was then
When the paper's crumpled up, it can't be perfect again."
- Linkin Park "Forgotten"

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