Sunday, April 24, 2011

LotRO: Still Playing

We (the husband and I) keep plugging along in Lord of the Rings Online. This weekend was the 4th anniversary celebration. I've only been playing for a few months now, just since the free-to-play option launched. Guild Wars 2 doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get released, so I keep buying little bits and pieces of LotRO as I go.

We've made it to the Misty Mountains, but I don't think I'll buy that quest pack. I don't like snowy cold areas. I plan to just get through the epic quest line (which is free) and skip the side quests (optional purchase). I've bought the Trollshaws, which is a beautiful wooded map with Rivendell at the far eastern side. What other packs did I buy? I don't remember. Something over by Bree. Haven't been back to Bree in a long time. Oh, the Lone Lands and the North Downs. Should have just picked one or the other - didn't really need both of those.

I've purchased three skirmishes though. These are repeatable instanced quests that first become available at level 20, scalable to level and group size. After we figured out the excellent reward system (bounties sell for gold, marks for armor, weapons, rare crafting items, pretty much anything you could ever want in-game, plus easy XP) of skirmishing, we try to do some or all of those daily. The game gives you a few skirmishes for free, but at least twice as many more are available for purchase.

Anyway, during the anniversary celebration, tokens randomly drop that are exchangeable for random gifts in town. Along with more practical items such as potions, I got two pretty dresses. This is my Snow White look.

Funny, I do run around with a dwarf all the time.

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