Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Big Deals in One Week!

Yes, it is done. I made it. Legendary Defender of Ascalon. I'm not getting any other big titles like that. I'm going to casually drink my way to Kind of a Big Deal, and that's it. No more purposeful title-hunting for me! Since there's no practical application of these titles in Guild Wars (which I'm thankful for), the only reason to get them is if you actually like the title itself.

Right now I am sooooo thrilled - the fifth anniversary celebration of Guild Wars is underway, and I was able to get in to the Roller Beetle races early enough to get on the leader board - and even all the way up to #16! I'd never even made the leader board before, and my highest scores are still around the same level as always, averaging around 462K, but after my first showing at #73 with a 450K score I was stoked, and then about an hour later I hit 462K which jumped me to #16!!!! Wheeeeeee

And then later I hit an even higher score, 466K, which due to the fact that more people were getting higher scores also, ranked me at #32 at that time.

Of course, other people have gotten even faster scores since then, so my name has been steadily sliding down the board. But still, I am happy. I've never even had a showing on the board before, and I've been RB racing at every event since the first Canthan New Year celebration. Usually by the time I get to play the board is already filled with 465K+ scores all the way to the bottom, and by the time I warm up enough to beat that, the bottom of the board is 475K+. So - yay!

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