Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lime Slices

Just now I sliced some lime for the onions I'm sauteeing to go with the chicken fajitas, and it's funny, I used to only buy limes to go with tequila. So when I slice lime, my mouth starts expecting a shot of the old gold that was a common companion in my early 20s.

But when I bought some lemons to go with the fish we had a week ago, I bought extra since the kids like to eat them, and I also grabbed a few limes since they are always asking me to buy one but I can't ever think of a thing to do with them (excepts shots of tequila) so I usually say no.

But this time I thought - eh - why not? It's a fruit and it's something different. Just can't buy them all the time as I don't want them stripping their enamel by eating them all the time, so yeah. Anyway.

And then tonight I was stirring the onions I had on a slow steam, covered, and had salted and peppered (white pepper), and remembered the other ingredient I like to sprinkle on the onions (learned in those days when I was a cook for a living of sorts): lime juice.

So here, lime slices, the subsequent aroma, and the resultant train of thought.

I ate a slice of lime - sans Jose.

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