Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fantasy Artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I was really excited to find Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's blog today. I had bookmarked a gift app on Facebook that lets you send small virtual clips of her artwork to friends, and was looking at the app page today when I saw the app creator mention the blog. So yay - I'm following now of course. Someday I will own some of her work. For a library. Framed originals, hung from oaken panelled walls. Lovely ethereal faeries and goddesses and sprites, and forest dryads and nymphs - all my favorite fairy-tale creatures.

So of course I went over to her website and browsed some more, and found a new one in the Faerie gallery that I hadn't seen before. Moonrise, it is called. It seems to echo the mythology of Tolkien's world, of the Valar, surely it was Varda, who gave a strand of hair to Tilion to stay the course of the moon through the sky after the near-collision with the sun as he pursued Arien (well, anyway, I don't have the book here anymore so I can't find the right story and names now of course). Being a digital piece, it lacks the dreamy quality that I love best in her watercolor works, but it is definitely striking. I've set it as my desktop background - I usually use her artwork for that (her website allows personal use and even attributed web use)

My favorite, well, at least one of my many favorites, is Chessmates. In every corner you can find little details, and the figures and shapes express themselves clearly, yet the whole piece breathes with an eerie other-worldliness. It's like the magic of childhood imagination captured, even down to the quality of the warm golden air that seems to envelop each creature there in the forest. Of course, that original is noted Not For Sale. Ah well. Maybe I'll get my hands on a limited edition giclee.

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