Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodbye to my Morning Muse

I'm listening to the tributes to Paul Harvey today, who passed away Saturday. As a child, I listened to Paul Harvey every morning before school; when his morning snippet was over at 7:35 it was always time for me to catch the bus. The voice of integrity and common wisdoms. And I continued listening to him every day as my schedule allowed on into adulthood, being more on a schedule since having kids I'd been back in the routine of hearing my daily Paul Harvey for about 15 years now, and often catching his longer noon broadcast as well.

Over the past couple of years I had gradually become used to the idea that he would be passing soon, since he frequently had guest hosts. But I knew he would always be there whenever he could, to share an audible smile with us. Others can say so much more in so much more detail than I can, and no one can say it better than the old recordings of Paul himself, but all of us share that common bond who listened to Paul Harvey's daily commentaries.

Salute to you Mr. Harvey - and good day.

So tonight it's going to be cajun style pork roast I think. I have set out a few things to thaw for the week and dinner will likely be determined by what is thawed first. I would like to make some bread again, don't know if I'll get it done though.

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